Pastor Soontee & Sandy Teoh

Pastor Soon Tee grew up in Singapore and came to the US as an International Student. While he was a graduate student at UC Davis, he started attending Bible Study and was captivated by the message that our sins are forgiven through the sacrifice of Jesus, and he was also amazed that the people at church had so much joy serving God and giving freely to people. Pastor Soon Tee thoroughly enjoys discussing about life and God. He is currently working as a software engineer and was previously an Associate Professor at San Jose State University.

Sandy is from Taiwan. She met the Lord as an international graduate student at the University of Tokyo. Since then, she has been passionate about bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who never heard of God, especially to international students just like herself. She is also passionate about trying new experiments in horticulture and culinary arts.

Pastor Soon Tee and Sandy both have degrees from Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and have three children.