Pastor Daniel grew up in South Korea and moved to the US at age 13 where his family settled in Sunnyvale. Even though he grew up going to church, he ended up wandering away from God searching for the truth. As a junior at UC Berkeley, he attended a Bible study on the book of John and then accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior after coming to truly understand the Gospel message. He works as a software engineer at Oracle and loves to listen to music, play piano and watch baseball and soccer.

Clara was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Texas.  She moved to the Bay Area after graduating from Southern Methodist University. She came to know Christ as a young working professional and discovered that the most rewarding and meaningful purpose in life was serving God and loving people.  She and Pastor Daniel have been ministering to married couples and singles for over 20 years and they were part of the founding team to move to Silicon Valley to help start the church. She works as a realtor in Palo Alto and enjoys event planning, interior decorating, and cooking.

Pastor Daniel and Clara have been married for over 20 years and have one son, Michael.