Our group name comes from the Hawaiian word “Ohana” which means “family…where nobody gets left behind—or forgotten,” the main theme from the Disney movie, “Lilo and Stitch.” Making the transition from single life to married life can be unexpectedly challenging. But we believe that building the foundation of your marriage and family on Jesus Christ and the Word of God among a strong community of believers makes it stronger and that you can keep growing so that others around you may also come to know God and His love.

Daniel & Clara

Daniel & Clara

Ohana Directors

Hi, we’re Daniel and Clara Lee and we are the directors of Ohana, the “newer” married couples ministry. We met at church in Berkeley over 30 years ago while serving in the Young Adult ministry. We married in 1993 in Campbell where Daniel grew up, never imagining that we would one day move from the East Bay to Silicon Valley to help start a new church. Over the past 25 years, we have walked with many singles and married couples navigating their faith journey through the ups and downs of life and helping to train a new generation of leaders. Daniel is a software engineer and Clara is a residential realtor but in our spare time, Daniel enjoys listening to all kinds of music, Clara loves planning parties with a theme and together we love good food, spending time with friends and family and traveling to scenic places…our favorites are Monterey and Hawaii.


Your toddler is throwing a tantrum again. The house is a mess. And the baby just woke up crying. You can’t even remember the last time you took a shower, much less a date night with your spouse… ‘Dear God, please help me get through this day!’ you pray a silent prayer to yourself.

Fear not, you are not alone in this parenting journey! We are a group of families with young children in the newborn-elementary school age range. Amidst this busy phase of our lives, we seek to GROW our faith (and our children’s!) in Christ while building accountable, prayerful relationships with one another. Our group has regular bible study and fellowship meetings. We are unfazed by bulky strollers, crying babies and attention-seeking toddlers. We welcome you to join us and GROW together in Christ!

Kah Seng & Serene

Kah Seng & Serene

Grow Coordinators

Hello there! We’re Kah Seng and Serene, coordinators of the Bridgeway GROW ministry. Originally from Singapore, we met as college students at MIT where we attended the same Christian fellowship group. We married in 2008, graduated MIT a week later(!) and moved to Silicon Valley for grad school and work. Kah Seng currently works at Airtable and Serene at Google.

We’ve been at Bridgeway Church for the last 13 years, and have been so blessed with the opportunity to serve in various ministries. GROW ministry (families with young children) is really close to our heart because we have two kids of our own, ages 5 and 8. We *still* haven’t forgotten all those sleepless newborn nights, thousands of diaper changes and sanity-testing toddler tantrums. 
In GROW, we seek to grow our faith in Christ as families who fellowship and pray together for one another. While parenting young children can be so, so challenging, God uses these experiences to help shape us as we learn to understand His love for us as our heavenly father.
We invite you and your grow-ing family to join us and grow in faith together! 🙂


PURPOSE- We know that our lives can be very challenging as we grow older– at our workplaces and as we raise kids. Yet, we have each other to encourage and spur one another toward Christ and to reach out to others. Ultimately, only Christ’s strength can carry us through.


GROUP KEY VERSE:  Col 3:1 (ISV) Therefore, if you have been raised with the Messiah, keep focusing on the things that are above, where the Messiah is seated at the right hand of God. 


TARGET GROUP- Geared for families with middle school age kids and above, older families and singles.  We have men’s and women’s small groups as well as joint events throughout the year.
Scott & Cindy

Scott & Cindy

Focus Directors

Hi!  We’re Scott and Cindy and we currently lead the Focus family group.  Our college/grad school years in Boston were the most pivotal for us in our Christian journey and it was also the time we met each other and also Pastor Chris/Sally (as energetic as ever) as they led our awesome college Bible study. Spurred on from our own experiences that college is such a critical time in developing our faith in Christ, after graduating we had the privilege to serve with them in college ministry for 22 years (10 years in Boston and then 12 years here at Bridgeway leading the Stanford group).  
    Now in our fourth year with the Focus family ministry group, our passion is to minister to families with older kids (our own 3 kids are now in college or older).  We know that times have changed from when we were growing up (we didn’t even have cell phones or email back then–aahhh….the good ole days) and that it can be a real challenge to parent in this day and age with all the tech/social media out there. Through the Focus ministry we hope to be able to share our lives and to really support one another through prayer as it really does take a village to raise kids– especially as they get older!  Besides ministry, some of our favorite pastimes are playing sports (in particular volleyball), enjoying nature–hiking, biking and renovating!